Best Album of 2012

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2012 was an okay year for music. We seen lots of bands rise up and lots of bands die down. This is my top 3 list of albums that were released in 2012, IN MY OPINION.

3. Band of Horses – Mirage Rock.
Band of Horse are a personal favorite of mine. I must say I enjoy there stuff deeply but what lacked on this album was the rock edge that was on the rest of their albums. I loved their first album. The free-flowing, smooth rock opener, The First Song, made that album a great entrance. However on this album, they use a pop-esque “ohh’s” to bring in the album. I love their songs like Feud, Dumpster World, Knock Knock and even a Little Biblical but the rest seem like fillers to me. That’s why this album only gets rank three on the ultimate 2012 list.

2. Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball. Oh boy is this album a tasty treat. I love Bruce Springsteen and he is the best live performer I have ever seen! This album doesn’t hold back in giving a shiver up your spine with powerful songs like The Land of Hopes and Dreams. However, it ain’t no Born to Run! It does have a few cliche fillers that I’m not a fan off. Jack of All Trades, it’s a great song do not get me wrong, but I just don’t think it stands up to the Bruce Springsteen Mark. That’s the only real song I don’t like on this album though. Everyone who doesn’t own it...GET IT!

1. Lord Huron – Lonesome Dreams. This album is just…so..freaking..good. Every song links together to create and amazing trip that leaves you speechless by the end. I have heard them being described as Lion-King-Core. This is the best possible description of them ever. As a debut album, I was shocked at the professionalism and the clarity of the recording. They now how to make the perfect album using a wide variety of African tribe like instruments. My favourite track off this album has got to be the song Lonesome Dreams itself! The descriptive lyrics paints the perfect picture of an island overflowing with trees and mountains but the dark chorus leaves us in suspense that this island is not as friendly as we first imagined. He talks about the loneliness of this island and in my opinion this song is the perfect vocal presentation of the quote made famous by Christopher McCandless. “Love is only real when shared” . This album is made for nature lovers and Fleet Foxes lovers like me. I really couldn’t recommend it more!

Thanks for reading this list and I hope it has inspired you to go and explore these albums a bit more in depth.


Batman: Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.


Today marked a day that will go down in my life as the day I fell in love with Batman. I finished the Dark Knight Returns, the first ever comic that introduced Batman as a dark gritty hero.
In this story, Bruce Wayne returns after 10 years of retirement from being the Batman. He goes out and faces Harvey Dent, more famously known as Two Face, a psychotic ex-lawyer who leaves the life of his victims up to a flip of a coin. Harvey Dent just released from Arkham Asylum and is now loose among the streets of Gotham. With his psychiatrists promoting him as a sane human being, he proves them wrong by getting a group together and try to take over the Gotham News broadcast.
Also in the story, we meet everyone’s favourite villain, the Joker. The Joker is also just out of Arkham Asylum and his psychiatrists are also promoting him as a sane man. (These psychiatrist need to be fired). The Joker strikes as he is on a chat show which starts a chain reaction which all leads to a massive fight off between him and Batman at Gothams fairground.
With Robin at his side, he slowly regains popularity and overcomes his old age as he takes on Harvey Dent, the Joker and another famous DC character (don’t want to spoil it for anyone and mention this mysterious DC character).
This comic is a definite must read and is an essential to any collectors library. Batman has changed comic book history and I’m proud to say, he is my favourite super hero.


Breaking Bad


With the ending of Breaking Bad on the horizon, I decided to re watch the entire show to get me up to date again. From Jesse and Walter cooking their shitty broken camper van all the way up to the opening of Vamos Pestos, it’s been a hell of a ride. In this post, I will talk about everything I love about Breaking Bad and why giving the ultimate top five list

5. Walter White/Bryan Cranston. What a better way to start the list off is with the contrast between Walter White and Hal from Malcolm in the middle. Malcolm in the Middle was my childhood and watching Bryan Cranston now, kind of extends my childhood. It’s like the development of my younger years into my teenage years. From the bright wittiness about Hal to the dark grittiness of Walt, shows how much my life has changed. I love this actor and he deserves so much more.

4. How everyone hates Skyler. Face it, Skyler is a bitch. Every time I start a conversation with someone about Breaking Bad it always ends up as, “Skyler is a whore”. Ever since she had sex with Ted, I hate her guys. She had an affair while her husband had cancer and somehow Walter is fine with this. Walter is a push over when it comes to Skyler! Eugh, she makes my blood boil. I wish Walter just let her drown in the pool. That would have been the best thing to have happened mid season.

3. “This isn’t meth”. Every episode has that specific one line that categorises the entire 50 minutes. “Wanna cook?”, “Say my name” and “Well Heil Hitler Bitch” are to name a few from the vast list of epic one liners from this show. These one lines are the reasons why Breaking Bad is so unique. They just know how to make the perfect show.

2. Gustavo. Or as my friends call him, Obama, is a small petite man who has the craziest personality in the whole show. For the first time we meet him in Los Polos Hermanos, he looks like a generic fast food franchisee with his stressed look on his face and targeting his staff but in the last second where we see him turn into Harvey Dent (Batman reference), he has changed so much. We see this small man wipe out an entire drug cartel and not to forget the famous box cutter episode where he slices the throat of one of his innocent employees as he slowly treads closely to Hank and the rest of the DEA. I know he’s a jackass and fits the generic racist catagory as he is the only black guy and he sells chicken and meth, but I love him and his quirkiness. Without him, season 3 would have been boring!

1. Dark Humour. If you haven’t caught on yet, I love dark gritty suspense movies and breaking Bad is just perfect for a person of my interest. I love the fun montages with happy feel good music in the background whereas the montage video resembles the complete opposite attitude. Like in series one, episode 6(?), the montage of Jesse pushing meth in slums of America while a generic elevator music-esque song plays in the background. It is this sarcastic humour that I love the most about this show. The whole humour in season 5 when Jesse convinces Badger and Skinny P to try cocaine and they keep rambling on about zombies and zombie games. There has been many (MANY) times where I have this exact same conversation and with Breaking Bad using this similar conversation, strengthens my love for it as it resembles my same characteristics.

So to conclude, I love Breaking Bad. If you haven’t watched it, I’m sorry for spoiling some stuff but ah well. With this show not being played on TV over here in UK, I find myself having to splurge my money on buying expensive boxsets so I’m just saying, someone needs to start showing this on UK television!


First Time Blogger.

As a first time blogger, no one will know who I am. So I thought I should fill you in. I’m a generic 16 year old “man” and I am from the North of Ireland. By defining the word generic, I am referring to the other 16 year olds’ who do nothing but sit in the pit that they call a bedroom and spend hours crunched up at their computer screens waiting for something fun to happen.

I would like to hope that I’ll lead a good life and have fun while doing it, but with the pessimistic mind I posses I think otherwise. I see myself in an shitty apartment, slaving away to the man while I try to hold on the last bit of freedom I have. Maybe I’ll start a band in my mid 50’s as a desperate attempt to get my youth back but I doubt anything will come of it. You need dedication, commitment and most importantly, talent. These are the skills I need but don’t seem to care about.

I do have a love for music. With my CD collection constantly growing and starting my on Vinyl collection, I am proud to say that I love music. I love the sound of an old vinyl crackling as I drop the needle. My top 5 favorite bands constant changing, at this time I will this. My top 5 bands are;
Pearl Jam
Lord Huron
Fleet Foxes,
Bruce Springsteen
The Band
These particular bands just know how to make me feel that chill you get when you’re listening to good music. All the way from Nebraska to The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Anyway to sum up, on this blog you will mostly see reviews of albums, comics, video games, Breaking Bad and other shows of that nature. I will try to update this blog once a week and become a healthy blogger by the end. Thanks for reading this.