Batman: Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller.


Today marked a day that will go down in my life as the day I fell in love with Batman. I finished the Dark Knight Returns, the first ever comic that introduced Batman as a dark gritty hero.
In this story, Bruce Wayne returns after 10 years of retirement from being the Batman. He goes out and faces Harvey Dent, more famously known as Two Face, a psychotic ex-lawyer who leaves the life of his victims up to a flip of a coin. Harvey Dent just released from Arkham Asylum and is now loose among the streets of Gotham. With his psychiatrists promoting him as a sane human being, he proves them wrong by getting a group together and try to take over the Gotham News broadcast.
Also in the story, we meet everyone’s favourite villain, the Joker. The Joker is also just out of Arkham Asylum and his psychiatrists are also promoting him as a sane man. (These psychiatrist need to be fired). The Joker strikes as he is on a chat show which starts a chain reaction which all leads to a massive fight off between him and Batman at Gothams fairground.
With Robin at his side, he slowly regains popularity and overcomes his old age as he takes on Harvey Dent, the Joker and another famous DC character (don’t want to spoil it for anyone and mention this mysterious DC character).
This comic is a definite must read and is an essential to any collectors library. Batman has changed comic book history and I’m proud to say, he is my favourite super hero.


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