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First Time Blogger.

As a first time blogger, no one will know who I am. So I thought I should fill you in. I’m a generic 16 year old “man” and I am from the North of Ireland. By defining the word generic, I am referring to the other 16 year olds’ who do nothing but sit in the pit that they call a bedroom and spend hours crunched up at their computer screens waiting for something fun to happen.

I would like to hope that I’ll lead a good life and have fun while doing it, but with the pessimistic mind I posses I think otherwise. I see myself in an shitty apartment, slaving away to the man while I try to hold on the last bit of freedom I have. Maybe I’ll start a band in my mid 50’s as a desperate attempt to get my youth back but I doubt anything will come of it. You need dedication, commitment and most importantly, talent. These are the skills I need but don’t seem to care about.

I do have a love for music. With my CD collection constantly growing and starting my on Vinyl collection, I am proud to say that I love music. I love the sound of an old vinyl crackling as I drop the needle. My top 5 favorite bands constant changing, at this time I will this. My top 5 bands are;
Pearl Jam
Lord Huron
Fleet Foxes,
Bruce Springsteen
The Band
These particular bands just know how to make me feel that chill you get when you’re listening to good music. All the way from Nebraska to The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Anyway to sum up, on this blog you will mostly see reviews of albums, comics, video games, Breaking Bad and other shows of that nature. I will try to update this blog once a week and become a healthy blogger by the end. Thanks for reading this.